Facility Management Services Associated with Facility and Base Operations Support

  • Buildings and Structures Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Renovation, New Construction, Design, and Building Services
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant O&M
  • HVAC, Utilities, and High-Voltage Electrical Systems Operations and Maintenance
  • Grounds and Surfaced Area Maintenance
  • Vehicle, Equipment, and Material Maintenance, Repair, Inspection, and Support
  • Maintenance of Signs, Barricades, Gates, Bumpers, Posts, Fencing, Drainage Structures
  • Maintenance and Control of Government Furnished Property
  • Emergency Services
  • Self-Help Services
  • Security Guard Services
  • Food Service
  • Installation Transportation Services

Keta Group's core competencies are management services associated with facility and base operations support. Over the past eight years, Keta Group and its wholly-owned subsidiary companies have successfully completed hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts related to the full spectrum of functional areas listed above. Additionally, Keta Group, which is wholly-owned by the Chitimacha Indian Tribe, can call upon the resources of more than 1,300 employees of the Tribe who currently provide a full range of facility management services on its Reservation in Charenton, Louisiana. Representative projects include management of facility and equipment support for the U.S. Air Force Space Test and Training Range facility in Colorado Springs, technical services contract for the Cheyenne Mountain Training System, and O&M of FEMA Temporary Housing Sites across the State of Louisiana.

Keta's subsidiary, Tiya Support Services, is currently the DPW contractor at Fort Benning, GA and was recently named DPW Contractor of the Year by the Army Installation Management Command. Tiya's DPW contract supports more than 120,000 active-duty military, family members, reserve soldiers, retirees, and civilian employees at Fort Benning and covers approximately 185,000 acres of ranges, courses, fields, and roads; over 20 million square feet of buildings; over 400,000 square feet of structures; and almost 1 million square feet of surfaced area. Tiya's contract is also used to support Army installation activities at Camp Merrill, Ga.; Camp Rudder, Fla.; Port Support Activity, Jacksonville, Fla.; and other off-post activities and units.