Hurricane Michael – Tyndall Air Force Base Emergency Services

Hurricane Michael – Tyndall AFB Emergency Services

In 2018, immediately after Hurricane Michael, Tiya Services provided engineering and technical services to assist in the assessment and initial response at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. Working as a subcontractor on the Air Force Contractor Augmentation Program (AFCAP), Tiya was one of the very first contractors on the ground and immediately began to assess the damage to critical infrastructure. We then performed design and engineering services for the government to develop cost estimates for the recovery efforts. Tiya also performed debris removal services and cleared hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of debris with five strike teams of equipment and personnel.

Highlights of the project include:

  • No electricity, potable water, or sewer – Tiya established a base camp and was completely self-sufficient for over 3 months.
  • We assisted other contractors with life support services, including construction of base camps, establishing food service, and operations and maintenance of living quarters and camps.
  • Work crews and equipment started deploying with only 8 hours notice. This included Structural Engineers, Structural Inspectors, Estimators, Truck Drivers, Heavy Equipment Operators, and Laborers. Additional labor was recruited and hired locally, as needed.
  • We sourced, procured, and quickly mobilized all equipment needed for the response effort.
  • Our Structural Engineers worked closely with the Air Force and were Subject Matter Experts on scopes of work and cost estimates for the cleanup and reconstruction effort.
  • Quality Control and Health, Safety, & Environmental Plans were tailored for all Task Orders, and despite the long hours, hectic pace of the work, and austere post-disaster environment, we had ZERO work-related injuries or accidents.

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