Space and Defense Engineering Services

  • Satellite Systems Engineering and Analysis
  • Systems Engineering and Programming
  • Missile Defense Simulator Training and Support
  • Network Administration
  • Hardware and Software Maintenance, Configuration, and Installation
  • Education and Training Services

Keta Group and its wholly-owned subsidiary company, CP Resources, LLC , provide its client base with engineering research and development primarily for the Department of Defense agencies. We benefit from an experienced management team and a cadre of engineering professionals that are able to provide the Government with a wide range of superior professional engineering services and solutions. Over the past two decades, our engineering team has supported DoD satellite communication systems and missile defense systems through advanced engineering and technology transfer expertise. More recently, our team has assisted as a prime contractor in the development, improvement, and validation of new technology to mitigate environmental impacts in space on DoD communications and weapon systems.

We boast a professional staff that has participated in some of the Nation's most critical programs supporting national security. Our day-to-day management staff averages over three decades of U.S. Government contracting experience. That experience includes contracting expertise necessary to ensure FAR compliance.  This management expertise allows Keta Group and its subsidiary companies to effectively manage large government contractors that it uses in subcontracting roles and to communicate effectively with the Government's operations and contracting personnel.

An understanding of our Space and Defense Engineering capabilities can best be accomplished by short descriptions of current engineering and consulting efforts:

  • Our Military Satellite Communications (MILSATCOM) Team is currently supporting our Nation's defense capability by analyzing user requirements to align satellite systems to develop improved strategies for battlefield communications. This team develops strategies to utilize existing satellite systems to meet specific requirements. These strategies are coordinated with satellite terminal developers to verify if current technologies and resources can be used to meet the Warfighter's communication needs. Once strategies are validated through data research and coordinated with terminal developers, we recommend specific processes to the Air Force. Our MILSATCOM Team also provides the Government with expertise in Extremely High Frequency satellite communication technology that ensures a low probability of detection and interception.

  • Keta Group's Cheyenne Mountain training team supports the military's mission to train joint forces, from enlisted personnel through general officers, to make strategic and tactical decisions that help secure nations from missile and air attacks. Through a high-fidelity, stand alone training facility, our Team replicates through simulation the nation's missile, air, space, and command operations centers. Our professional staff of training experts assists military instructors with simulator training, substituting as necessary during training exercises, and assists in the design and development of training scenarios required to prepare Missile Warning, Command Center, and Air Warning crews to perform operational duties within a simulated training environment.

  • We support the replacement of IBM Mainframe hardware and software used by the Air Force to fly communications satellites under the operational control of two Satellite Operations Squadrons at Schriever AFB, CO. The Command & Control System-Consolidated (CCS-C) program includes twelve training simulators located at Vandenberg AFB, CA that are mirror images of the operational system. Our Team provides network/system administration and hardware maintenance for the CCS-C simulators. Our Team is also supporting network administration for the Backup Satellite Operations Center -Vandenberg (BSOC-V) expected to be fully operational in FY08. We serve as the first point of contact for CCS-C site support through configuration and installation of hardware and software.

  • Through program management and planning, we are supporting research and development (R&D) of the Air Force's Space Situation Awareness Environmental Effects Fusion System (SEEFS). SEEFS is a suite of rapid prototyping state-of-the-art applications that process and merge relevant environmental data with space systems performance parameters to objectively assess system impacts for subsequent fusion into the single integrate space picture. Using analytical and predictive models, this R&D effort provides the tools to collect global environmental data and disseminate and integrate this information into the Government's decision-making cycle.