Disaster Recovery Services

  • Temporary Housing and Site Management and Maintenance
  • On Demand Emergency Maintenance and Repair
  • Logistics Support
  • Emergency Food Service
  • Procurement Services
  • Staffing and Management

KatrinaKeta Group has worked with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in disaster scenarios and emergency response situations, currently supports DHS / FEMA in disaster recovery efforts, and has lived the lessons of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Keta Group has worked around the clock since Hurricane Katrina made landfall in order to provide critical emergency response and recovery services to displaced residents, and we understand the necessary diversification, demands, and need for prompt response. Keta Group provides demonstrated program management experience in emergency response situations.  

Keta Group has established an extensive network of federal background-cleared employees and subcontractors, and from 2005 to 2008, Keta Group performed a full range of site operations, management, maintenance, and construction at FEMA group sites such as Groom Road (573 units), Airport 1 (139 units), Airport 2 (199 units), Airport 2A (117 units), Airport 2B (93 units), Airport 3 (198 units), Louis Armstrong Airport (185 units), Touro Hospital (52 units), and Mount Olive (117 units). Keta Group has also performed maintenance services for travel trailer and manufactured housing units at private / residential sites, exclusive use sites, and commercial sites under the FEMA Haul and Install (H&I) contract as a prime subcontractor to the Shaw Group. At its height, Keta Group had direct responsibility for a total of 23,774 temporary housing units at 56 FEMA group, commercial, and exclusive use sites and thousands of private / residential sites across the State of Louisiana. Keta Group received over 140,000 maintenance service calls at our 24/7/365 state of the art call center, established and maintained a maintenance tracking system and database for 23,774 temporary housing units, served over 400,000 meals to residents, provided over 500,000 man hours of security guard services, deployed thousands of work crews, and closed over 140,000 maintenance work orders. At one time, Keta Group had over 120 full-time employees and over 350 subcontract employees dedicated to these emergency response and recovery contracts. 

In September 2008, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, Keta Group was tasked by the Shaw Group to provide emergency food service in Texas under the FEMA IA-TAC contract. With 24 hours notice, we immediately mobilized and served over 360,000 meals in 3 cities (Beaumont, Orange and Crosby) during a 12 day period. We overcame significant logistical challenges and provided much needed hot meals for the people of these hurricane devastated areas.      

  • Housing Site Construction, De-construction, and Restoration

In 2007, Keta Group successfully concluded a significant FEMA contract as the prime contractor (HSFEHQ-07-C-0139) to provide all management, supervision, personnel, equipment, materials, transportation, and supplies necessary to perform site assessment and design-build construction to retrofit a total of 40 group and exclusive use sites across Louisiana that required accessibility for residents with disabilities in less than 120 calendar days. This fixed priced contract with a value of over $15 million is clear evidence of our ability to manage a very complex, high profile project under rigorous performance deadlines.  

From 2008 to present, under various contracts, Keta Group has de-constructed and restored 31 FEMA group sites across the State of Louisiana. In accordance with individual, site specific statements of work (SOWs), we removed all FEMA-installed infrastructure and meticulously restored and returned sites back to the parks, playgrounds, and fields that they once were.

  • Business Continuity Services
  • Nationwide Mobile Recovery Units
  • Nationwide Fixed Recovery Facilities
  • Nationwide Hardware Quickship Program
  • Comprehensive Satellite Data and Voice Communications

In partnership with Rentsys Recovery Services, Keta has provided Mobile Disaster Recovery Services to various government agencies. Under these contracts, Keta provides mobile disaster recovery solutions for preservation of information technology resources in order to serve the communications, desktop computing, and networking needs of mission critical operations.

Within 24 or 48 hours after the declaration of a disaster, Keta provides its clients with a Mobile Solution completely independent of any fixed location for any combination of service connections, including but not limited to, power, data, and/or telecommunications. Our Mobile Solution may consists of multiple, self-contained mobile office units complete with
PC workstations, mobile data center, servers, satellites, VoIP telephony services, generators, fax machines, laser printers, and other equipment. Keta also provides logistics support, deployment services, and IT support including network engineering.  

  • Rapid Development and Deployment of Network Infrastructure

Keta Group has significant experience implementing robust and forward-thinking software and hardware solutions to ensure integrated and streamlined management and maintenance operations. For instance, in a chaotic post-Katrina environment, Keta Group completed the following tasks in a matter of days or even hours:

  • Rapid development and deployment of Network WAN infrastructure across the State of Louisiana using a broad range of network technologies such as Frame Link, PRI, ADSL, T1, wireless 802.11g w/ directional high gain antennas to span mile wide gaps, cellular network adaptors, and intense utilization of satellites to overcome lead times for local ISPs to restore service
  • Used multiple internet services providers, such as Cox Communications, Bellsouth, Cingular, and DirecWay / HughesNet for redundancy (with an understanding of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Providers)
  • Deployed enterprise-wide software solutions for hurricane response tasks and projects
  • Adapted to and used proprietary hardware solutions to facilitate the documentation of customers and their resource use during hurricane response projects 

Standard IT infrastructure ability includes:

  • Use of hard drive image software suites, silent Microsoft installations, and answer files for network PC deployment (Norton Ghost, Symantec (Quest) Drive Image Pro, Sysprep, etc)
  • Diversity in multiple data warehousing solutions and offsite storage facilitation:
                - Hardware - DLT, SDLT, LTO1, LTO2, LTO3 Storage Solutions
                - Software - ArcSer
  • Proficiency in deploying and administering multi-platform secure tunneling technologies (IPsec, 3DES, CBC, CBC-I, Isakmp) plus an in-depth understanding of deficiencies with VPN over satellite