Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Office Complex Design & Construction

Keta designed, built, and constructed for the Department of State (DOS) a 16-unit modular office complex in Kinshasa, DRC. This extremely high-profile, time-critical construction project was closely monitored by the U.S. Ambassador and high-level officials at the DOS who were very pleased with our performance. Under severely challenging conditions, Keta completed what many considered logistically impossible and even finished the project ahead of schedule and under budget with zero work-related injuries or illnesses with carpenters, HVAC technicians, electricians, plumbers, and laborers from the United States, Democratic Republic of Congo, Turkey, and South Africa.

a custom chartered Boeing 747-400F airplane to transport from the factory in Ankara to the project site in Kinshasa

The office complex consisted of 11 three-room modular office units (8 feet by 40 feet), one male/female restroom unit, and one Executive Office building comprised of four individual modular units that included two executive offices, secretarial and reception areas, and toilet facilities.

Exterior Construction in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


The office units were designed for flat pack shipping and built under our supervision at a factory in Ankara, Turkey. In addition to the office units, Keta procured and transported tools, supplies, fixtures, spare parts, 41 HVAC air handlers and condenser units, and hazardous materials such as paints, solvents, and R410a refrigerant from Ankara to the project site in Kinshasa. The 114 packed pieces weighed a total of 67.5 tons and required six semi-trailer trucks, multiple cranes, and a custom chartered Boeing 747-400F airplane to transport from the factory to the project site.


At the project site, we completed site preparation, assembled the steel substructure; fitted and installed wall panels; custom cut window and door openings in the wall panels; installed windows, doors, and hardware; custom cut interior wall partitions; installed plumbing and electrical systems; installed HVAC units; constructed a truss roof system for the Executive Office building; installed flashing and waterproofing sealants; installed all flooring; and completed interior trim, caulking, and touch-up painting.

Containerized Housing/Office Units & Modular Construction Crew

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