• Accelerated and Fast-Track Construction
  • Site Restoration
  • Comprehensive Renovation
  • Design Build Services

We are definitely not your typical construction company.  Developed from our background in emergency and disaster recovery services, we offer accelerated and fast track construction services.  

We take great pride in our ability to shorten the construction time scale by increasing productivity and by completing each function as efficiently as possible and starting each new phase immediately upon completion of the preceding phase.  All tasks are completed in proper order, and no time is wasted.  We also shorten the total elapsed time for construction through extensive planning and proactive management which allows us to overlap some functions and complete tasks simultaneously.  Time saved by concurrent work accumulates and results in early overall completion.
  When required, we routinely work weekends, holidays, and extended hours.   

As an example, in 2007, under a sole source prime contract with FEMA valued at $15.5 million, Keta provided all personnel, equipment, transportation and management to assess 40 group sites across Louisiana and retrofit each site for compliance with Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards.  This included all aspects of the design and construction process, from driving an aggressive design schedule to directing and re-directing resources and providing quality assurance reporting.  Keta completed the project on budget and in less than the 120 calendar day performance period and received an "Exceptional" rating from the FEMA contracting officer.