Some Representative Projects

Temporary Housing Management and Maintenance (Shaw/DHS-FEMA) - October 2005 through October 2006:  Under numerous subcontracts, Keta provided operations and maintenance services for FEMA’s post-Katrina temporary housing sites including maintenance of all trailers and site infrastructure, coordination of social services and special events, liaising with public and private agencies and officials, food service, security, management and administration, waste removal, sewer treatment plant operations and maintenance, regulatory and reporting functions, database management, and numerous other responsibilities.  At one time, Keta had direct responsibility for a total of 23,774 temporary housing units and a total of 56 group, commercial, and exclusive use sites across the State of Louisiana.  We received over 130,000 maintenance service calls at our state-of-the-art call center, served over 400,000 meals to residents, deployed thousands of work crews, provided over 500,000 man hours of security guard services, and closed over 130,000 maintenance work orders.  Subcontracts included operations and maintenance of the Groom Road site (the largest temporary housing site ever constructed by FEMA), maintenance of FEMA haul and install housing units, and support for FEMA temporary housing group sites.      

Carville Emergency Repairs – October 2008:  FEMA’s staging and distribution facility in Carville, Louisiana sustained damage during Hurricane Gustav.  In October 2008, under a FEMA emergency contract, BMG Keta JV, LLC, a joint venture company, was tasked with completing various emergency repairs at the facility.  This work included removing and replacing an 18’ by 120’ damaged panel on a large Summit tension membrane structure; removing, repairing, and replacing air flow vents on the structure; resealing various panel seams; repairing numerous holes in the membrane panels; removing all water damaged materials in the interior of the structure; removing / replacing HVAC ducts; repairing electrical lines and breakers; and removing, repairing, and replacing the pump house roof.  We immediately mobilized to the site upon contract award and successfully completed the project under budget. 

Texas Food Distribution (Shaw/DHS-FEMA) – September 2008:  In September 2008, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, Keta was tasked to provide emergency food service in Texas under the FEMA IA-TAC contract.  With 24 hours notice, we immediately mobilized and served over 360,000 meals in 3 cities (Beaumont, Orange, and Crosby) during a 12 day period.  The Beaumont site and the Crosby site had no electricity or potable water.  We were among the initial first-responders in these areas, overcame significant logistical challenges, and provided much needed hot meals for the people of these hurricane devasted areas.        

Design-Build Construction and Restoration of Temporary Housing Sites (DHS-FEMA) – August 2007 through August 2010:  Keta was a team member with Donnie Jarreau Companies (“DJC”) and Evans Graves Engineers (“EG”) on this contract.  Keta performed program management and contract administration for the restoration of FEMA temporary housing sites throughout Louisiana.  Under the contract, we restored 28 FEMA Group sites, ranging from parking lots to large 40 acre sites.  This work included the removal of all FEMA-installed infrastructure (concrete, asphalt, limestone, structures, fencing, transformers, power poles, service lines for plumbing, electrical, sewer and drainage, fire hydrant systems, bollards, curb stops, signs, etc); extensive plumbing and electrical de-construction and re-construction; restoration and repairs of concrete and asphalt parking lots; restoration of parks and playgrounds; installation of commercial playground equipment; renovation of structures; repair and installation of gates and fencing; hauling and excavation; grading and drainage work; seeding sites; and planting trees.  The scope of this contract also included the design and construction of FEMA Group Sites throughout Louisiana following another storm or disaster.   

Restoration of FEMA Temporary Housing Sites - August 2009 to present:  Under this subcontract, Keta performs program management and contract administration for the restoration of FEMA temporary housing sites throughout Louisiana.  This scope is identical to the FEMA Design Build Construction and Restoration contract discussed above.  So far, we have restored 3 FEMA Group sites under this contract.  We just completed the restoration of the 40 acre Diamond Group site located in Port Sulphur, Louisiana, and we began work on the restoration of the 30 acre Crying Eagle site located in Lake Charles, Louisiana in June 2010.   

UFAS Group Site Design-Build Construction (DHS-FEMA) - January 2007 through May 2007:  Under a sole source prime contract with FEMA, Keta provided all personnel, equipment, transportation, and management to assess 40 group sites across Louisiana and retrofit each site for compliance with Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (“UFAS”).  This included all aspects of the design and construction process, from driving an aggressive design schedule to directing and re-directing resources and providing quality assurance reporting.  Keta completed the project on budget, in less than the 120 calendar day performance period, and received an “Exceptional” rating from the FEMA contracting officer.

Group Site Ground Maintenance (DHS-FEMA) - November 2006 through September 2007 (3 option years remaining):  As a minority owner of a service-disabled veteran-owned joint venture, Keta provided ground and site maintenance as a prime contractor to FEMA for post-Katrina temporary housing sites. 

Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County (SWA) Mobile Disaster Recovery Services - 2007 to present:  Since 2007, Keta has provided Mobile Disaster Recovery Services to the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County (“SWA”).  Keta provides a mobile disaster recovery solution for preserving SWA’s information technology resources in order to serve the communications, desktop computing, and networking needs of mission critical operations.  Within 48 hours after the declaration of a disaster, Keta will provide SWA with a Mobile Solution completely independent of any fixed location for any combination of service connections, including but not limited to, power, data, and/or telecommunications.  The Mobile Solution will consist of multiple, self-contained mobile office units complete with PC workstations, mobile data center, servers, multiple satellites, VoIP telephony services, generators, fax machines, laser printers, and other equipment.  Keta personnel will also provide logistics support, deployment services, and IT support, including network engineering. 

Space Situation Awareness Environmental Effects Fusion Systems (SEEFS) – 12/9/05 to Present:  Keta was the prime contractor and program manager for SEEFS.  SEEFS is an Air Force Space Command sponsored suite of rapid prototyping state-of-the-art applications that process and merge relevant environmental data with space system performance parameters to objectively assess system impacts for subsequent fusion into the Single Integrated Space Picture. 

Contracted Advisory and Assistance Services and Engineering Technical Assistance (CAASETA) – 11/1/04 to Present: As a subcontractor to Booz Allen Hamilton, Keta’s wholly-owned subsidiary, CP Resources, LLC, provides CAASETA to Headquarters Air Force Space Command (HQ AFSPC) Directorates. The command also requires CAASETA support during several phases of planning, programming, acquisition, and implementation cycles of various Government systems and complements the Government’s technical expertise in accomplishing its mission.  This contract serves as a vehicle to provide technical and analytical tools for a wide variety of work which demands quick response to stringent deadlines. 

Cheyenne Mountain Training System Support (CMTS) – 2002 to 2010:  Keta supported CMTS training by operating computer training systems and developing and modifying Command Center and Missile Warning Center simulation scenarios. This included troubleshooting training system hardware/software problems and reporting them to the Air Force representative, tracking deficiencies, and verifying fixes.  Keta coordinated instructor training requirements and followed training schedules involving simulation control support, training system support, and simulation area configuration.  Keta further assisted Command Center and Missile Warning instructors in developing training scenarios.  We ensured Granite Sentry training system availability for Command Center and Air Warning Center training. 

Senior Level Applications Development (CCS-C) – 12/15/03 to Present:  Keta's subsidiary, CP Resources, LLC, assists in the modernization of hardware and software used by the Air Force to fly communications satellites under the operational control of 2 Satellite Operations Squadrons.  The Command & Control System-Consolidated (CCS-C) program includes twelve training simulators that are mirror images of the Air Force's operational system.  CPR is responsible for network/system administration and hardware maintenance for the CCS-C simulators and supports network administration for the Air Force's Backup Satellite Operations Center.  CPR serves as the first point of contact for CCS-C site support through hardware and software configuration and installation.